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    Bill's Charter and Shuttle Service was founded to provide a high quality Alaskan tour and shuttle service at a reasonable price. Operated in concert with Firefly Northern Transport, this charter service is set up to meet any custom request that can be done with a single non-commercial size vehicle. We also provide set routes to many popular locations. We utilize a charter system instead of a per person cost. The charter system provides your group with a personalized experience. When you charter the van for your adventure, you will receive the personalized attention needed to make an unforgettable Alaskan trip. Your tour experience can be tailored to specific interests in Alaska or can be a detailed overview of many topics and locations.

    Your driver, Daniel, has lived in Alaska for 27 years and is an avid outdoorsman. He brings with him the knowledge and experience of an Alaska resident and someone who has traveled extensively in the state via land, air, and water.  Daniel also owns and operates personal riverboats, snow-machines, ATVs, and various highway vehicles. He is familiar with transporting people and goods during all season and conditions.

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